Campbell County Children's Center

About Our Center

Services at Campbell County Children's Center

The Campbell County Children’s Center is committed to the following:

  • Supporting CPIT - The state-mandated Child Protective Investigative Team as it investigates all reported cases of severe child abuse.

  • Mental Health Services - The center serves the counseling needs of sexually or severely physically abused children. The center offers and makes available counseling services to adults and children with their behavioral or emotional needs.

  • Forensic Interviews - The center employs a Forensic Interviewer, who is specially trained in interviewing children. The goal of the interviewer is to obtain a statement from a child in an objective, developmentally sensitive, and legally defensible manner. This reduces the number of times children are interviewed.

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Exam - The center provides the equipment and space necessary for a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), who performs physical exams on children who have been abused. In return, the SANE records the findings and works closely with law enforcement, the center, the Department of Children’s Services and the District Attorney General’s Office to ensure accuracy in investigation and prosecution.

  • Victim/ Child Advocate - The center employs staff members who are knowledgeable about dynamics of child abuse and the full scope of crisis intervention services needed by victims. Advocates support the emotional, physical and educational needs of those suffering from abuse.

  • Prevention Education - The center provides child abuse prevention education to the community as well as implementing a school-based prevention program No, Run, Tell (general and personal body safety) to children in grades pre-k through 3rd, Steps to Respect (a bullying prevention program) to 6th and 7th graders, and Darkness to Light-Stewards of Children (adult education to prevent, recognize, and react to child abuse).

  • Family Advocate - The center provides case management services to drug-endangered child and their non-offending family.

  • Case Manager - the center provides in-home case management services such as educational support, court advocacy and direct assistance to abused children placed with grandparents and/or caregivers.

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